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"I really enjoy teaching. Having years of teaching

experience has seasoned my abilities to finely tune

                                     concepts to each unique

                                      student. I prioritize keeping

                                      learning fun and engaging,

                                      customizing the content,

                                      structure and pace of learn-

                                      ing according to each

                                      student's strengths &

                                      weaknesses, to best help

                                      them progress.

                                       I am thankful everyday for

                                      what I continue to learn and

I strive to help each student with their specific

goals, to build confidence & advance them in their

playing abilities."

                                                       -Heather DeRigo

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Drumming & Yoga go naturally together.

   Live Drums in the Yoga Class environment OPTIMIZES the

    Yoga Instruction for all participants. Yoga Class is taken to a new level

     with the addition of Live Drums.

       Each class is customized to the intention & flow of the Teacher. No

        Rehearsal is needed as it is created 'in the moment'.

         Captivating Rhythms & sounds are created that provide a solid base 

         support for each pose, enhancing grounding, strength, endurance, 

         focus, Energy or relaxation - depending on what the teacher is

        intending. The traditional playlist is replaced by the Live Drums &

       Rhythms Soundscapes. 

     Drums & Rhythm are NATURAL TOOLS that have been used since

   ancient times, representing the heartbeat of the Earth and a bridge

  between the human & Spirit World. They have been used for many

beneficial purposes, such as connecting with the Divine, dance & 

celebration, sacred ceremonies, communication, healing & meditation,

for focus & clarity, stress release and more. 

   Numerous studies show the many THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS of

using LIVE DRUMS & RHYTHMS to enhance learning & cognitive

functions, as well as a plethora of HEALTH & WELLNESS BENEFITS.

   Everything in our Universe is vibrating & moving in cycles, which have 

RHYTHM. Using Live Drums, instead of a recording, offers a vastly diff-

erent experience, due to the live vibrations emitted from the drums

& percussive instruments. The earthy 'Booms' and infectious rhythms

penetrate the floor, into the feet of the participants - traveling up through

their bodies' energetic meridian points and sink deep into the sacred

space of the Heart. This is where REAL MAGIC happens - their own

natural Rhythm's begin to SYNCHRONIZE WITH DRUM'S RHYTHMS. 

Even the rhythm of the Heart begins a process to SYNC WITH


A study from Pavia University, Italy found that while listening to rhythms

in Music - as they change- so does our heartbeat, syncing with the

rhythmic pulses and tempo.


enhanced support for the Yoga Classroom, through help with grounding,

focus, strength, energy building and relaxation.

   A rhythmic buffet of various  tribal & modern drums mixed with an array

of atmospheric percussive instruments are used to create a customized

Sound Scape for each specific class, based on the Teacher's preferences

and what the main focus of the class is.  

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