Born into a family of professional and touring musicians, Heather grew up                                               immersed in Musical & Artistic culture with a strong influence in Funk, Rock &

                               Jazz styles. She is an experienced performer, comfortable on the stage as                                               a drummer & percussionist - as well as having garnered experience as a soulful                                     lead & back up vocalist. Often creating hybrid set-ups from drumset,                                                        djembe, cajon, tabla and a buffet of dynamic hand percussion, Heather is characterized by many in her field as a 'pocket' player' with a flair for world beat rhythms & creative grooves. 

    An experienced  teacher in both the private sector & class environment, Heather has taught 

Music and Drums at various Schools, including Tampa's premier Music School, The Patel Conservatory where she also created and directed Percussion Ensemble Performances for her students.

   She has played with numerous bands & artists in a wide variety of Musical styles - including World Music, with celebrated Fusion musicians such as Sandip Chatterjee, Baye Kouyate, Ash

King, Shankh Lahiri, 'The Violin Brothers', Abhik Mukherjee, Morikeba Kouyate & more. 

   Invited by world renowned drummer, musician & composer- Ranjit Barot, Heather was invited to perform for India's television program 'Coke Studio @ MTV' in 2012. In 2017, she was nationally selected to be the drummer for the new band & Reality Television show 'Frequenci', where she recorded Drums & Vocals for the pilot episode in Philadelphia. She has performed for 

Ted X Tampa and performed on T.V's Fox 13 for their Morning Show. 

   Heather has also enjoyed using her musical creativity in uplifting environments such as the

Kirtan musical scene, where she has joined leading Kirtan bands & artists such as Girish, David Newman, Shankh & Friends, Fantuzzi, Wynn Paris, 'Kirtan Rabbi & more. 

  Heather is also Assistant Director for the Shruti Foundation - a non-profit Organization that brings high quality Indian Classical Music & World Fusion Music Concerts, Festivals and Events to the Tampa Bay Area and the affiliated Shruti School of Music -an Indian Music based school 

based in Tampa, Fl.





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Drum Teacher testimonial 2_edited_edited

"I really enjoy teaching. Having years of teaching

experience has seasoned my abilities to finely tune

                                     concepts to each unique

                                      student. I prioritize keeping

                                      learning fun and engaging,

                                      customizing the content,

                                      structure and pace of learn-

                                      ing according to each

                                      student's strengths &

                                      weaknesses, to best help

                                      them progress.

                                       I am thankful everyday for

                                      what I continue to learn and

I strive to help each student with their specific

goals, to build confidence & advance them in their

playing abilities."

                                                       -Heather DeRigo

Private Lessons


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Drumming & Yoga go naturally together.

   Live Drums in the Yoga Class environment OPTIMIZES the

    Yoga Instruction for all participants. Yoga Class is taken to a new level

     with the addition of Live Drums.

       Each class is customized to the intention & flow of the Teacher. No

        Rehearsal is needed as it is created 'in the moment'.

         Captivating Rhythms & sounds are created that provide a solid base 

         support for each pose, enhancing grounding, strength, endurance, 

         focus, Energy or relaxation - depending on what the teacher is

        intending. The traditional playlist is replaced by the Live Drums &

       Rhythms Soundscapes. 

     Drums & Rhythm are NATURAL TOOLS that have been used since

   ancient times, representing the heartbeat of the Earth and a bridge

  between the human & Spirit World. They have been used for many

beneficial purposes, such as connecting with the Divine, dance & 

celebration, sacred ceremonies, communication, healing & meditation,

for focus & clarity, stress release and more. 

   Numerous studies show the many THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS of

using LIVE DRUMS & RHYTHMS to enhance learning & cognitive

functions, as well as a plethora of HEALTH & WELLNESS BENEFITS.

   Everything in our Universe is vibrating & moving in cycles, which have 

RHYTHM. Using Live Drums, instead of a recording, offers a vastly diff-

erent experience, due to the live vibrations emitted from the drums

& percussive instruments. The earthy 'Booms' and infectious rhythms

penetrate the floor, into the feet of the participants - traveling up through

their bodies' energetic meridian points and sink deep into the sacred

space of the Heart. This is where REAL MAGIC happens - their own

natural Rhythm's begin to SYNCHRONIZE WITH DRUM'S RHYTHMS. 

Even the rhythm of the Heart begins a process to SYNC WITH


A study from Pavia University, Italy found that while listening to rhythms

in Music - as they change- so does our heartbeat, syncing with the

rhythmic pulses and tempo.


enhanced support for the Yoga Classroom, through help with grounding,

focus, strength, energy building and relaxation.

   A rhythmic buffet of various  tribal & modern drums mixed with an array

of atmospheric percussive instruments are used to create a customized

Sound Scape for each specific class, based on the Teacher's preferences

and what the main focus of the class is.  

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