Channelling 101



DeMystifying 'Channelling'

    In just the last 30 years or so, the term 'channelling' has catapulted to the forefront

of 'New Age' spiritual vocabulary and is now even becoming familiar in the personal

self development communities.

   There is a lot of chatter and many misconceptions regarding what 'Channelling' is

and how it works.

   Channelling is not 'New Age' at all, it is -quite simply- the act of receiving information

from the Divine or 'Metaphysical' realms when in a high consciousness 'trance-like'

state- free from the confines and demands of the Logical Mind & Ego.

   Channelling is actually a very natural state of BEing - in fact, it's so natural- it can

be considered 'super' natural. 

   Many erroneously believe that 'Channelling' means to be 'possessed' by some other

entity- that will use your body and speak through it. This is not true. Channelling is NOT



                                                                                           The 'Channelling' state occurs very naturally,

                                                                                         although it can be a self-induced state as well, such as in deep meditation.

                                                                                            It is actually a Brain state, known as the Gamma wave state- between 40-100

                                                                                          cycles per second.

                                                                                            If you've ever been so completely involved in an activity that you have                                                                                                              forgotten the time and how quickly it seemed to pass, or if you've ever written                                                                                                something that seemed to just 'come to you' or seemed 'downloaded' to you -                                                                                                this is a form of channelling.

                                                                                            Many famous works of art - sculptures, paintings, songs, music compositions,                                                                                                movie scripts and books - were 'channelled' through the people who created                                                                                                    them, although they did not know they were 'channelling' their visions or ideas.

                                                                                            Not all works of art or creations are 'channelled', but many are.

    One can channel Inspiration (such as ideas for art, music, new projects) or they can channel information or knowledge from higher states of Consciousness. The channelling state - also known as the 'receiving' state, can also allow for communication with      other Beings of varying consciousness that exist in higher dimensions.

     We all have the same potential to activate this natural ability - to access Higher Wisdom, the connection to our 'Higher Self'             and tap into the Divine within us.

     Mastering the Art of 'Channelling' is a process. It isn't mastered overnight, but the continual practice of channelling will help to refine and activate more and more of your natural Divine Spiritual gifts. 

       'Channelling' opens the connection to Source Energy to Flow through you - whether in a creative expression, a project, communication with your own Higher Guidance, loved ones who have crossed over, or with other intelligent Beings in the non-physical realms. Essentially - Channelling means to 'tune' yourself the the Unified Field that is pure Consciousness- that exists in

All that IS - which is accessed WITHIN yourself.

        Higher Guidance, Solutions, Ancient Wisdom, and Knowledge that is not accessible to the Human Intellect - IS accessible through state of consciousness known as 'Channelling'.

        Learning how to channel has immeasurable benefits to one's Life and opens up the door to Higher consciousness by connecting fully to the Infinite Source within you.







  • Understanding 'Energy', 'Multi-dimensional' ,'            the Quantum field (Unified Field) and 'Time'

  • Preparing for Channelling- Vibrational hygiene,      setting aside the Ego, Grounding, Tuning In 

  • Spiritual Alignment  & Your 'I AM' presence

  • The Ego & the Human 'Filter'

  • Law of Attraction vs Law of Assertion

  • Connection and Communication Source

  • Maintaining 'Flow' at the speed of Spirit

  • Discernment and the 'Truth'

  Some of the Topics covered will be:

"The benefits to

learning how to


are immense.

It is profoundly transformative in

one's Spiritual advancement & fulfillment in Life."

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all within you.

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"         n a rapidly awakening,

collective, the subject of '

Channelling' is accelerating

the Divine Awareness in all,

to be a key point of Attraction

in navigating the realms of

Mystery & Truth. We are

expanding our abilities to connect

with the Divine, & Channelling is -

quite simply, the most natural

path of least resistance to the

Divine Source within."

                                          -Heather DeRigo


- Heather DeRigo