Lemuria & Atlantis 101

   Have you ever wondered about whether the fabled Lemuria or Atlantis really existed?

Do you feel drawn to want to learn more about one or both? 

If so, your Soul may be calling you to remember.


   In this detailed and comprehensive PRESENTation, you will be immersed into riveting 'ancient history' that pre-dates the 'official' story told of Humanity's Ancient History & the origins of Humanity.

   Journey into the breathtaking and vivid histories of our ancient world.

A new narrative of Human Civilization unfolds.

   Learn why it is important to awaken to these Truths now, to process and integrate them into the fabric of our individual and collective consciousness.




*DISCLAIMERThe information contained in these PRESENTations can be startling and shocking to many. The information shared is from individual perspective and distilled from years of personal study, research, and spiritual revelation as well as the culmination of Channelled messages from an array of widely respected Messengers with Spiritual Integrity. Although some of the information contained in these PRESENTations are based on 'hard, proven evidence', much of the esoteric information provided in these PRESENTations can not be found in documented public record or proven in the scientific community. As sovereign BEings, it is up to each and every person, to distill their own Truth from assimilated information.

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