Preparing for disclosure101

An Introductory Presentation

on our Galactic Neighbors

  • If they are real- why don't we all see them & where is all the  evidence?

  • Who are they & why are they here?

  • Galactic Terminology

  • UFO's, spaceships & technology

  • Ancient History

  • World Leaders & Knowledge suppression

  • The Fearful 'Alien' Agenda

  • What about 'Abductions'?

  • Universal Archetypes &             Species characteristics

  • Crop Circles- What are they & why?

  • Full vs 'soft' or partial Disclosure

  • Exopolitics

  • Humanity's Future is Now

  • Q & A

An opportUNITY

to open

a communication platform within our commUNITY 

to begin healthy dialogue 

& to answer important questions we face as Humanity enters the

age of

Extra terrestrial Disclosure & Interstellar Space Travel.

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   StarBEings 101 is an interactive presentation created to bring a greater awareness to Humanity's connection to the Universe, to educate & prepare the public on what has been, IS and will be coming to the forefront more and more, regarding the concept of 'We      are not alone' in the Universe.

   This program will provide a solid platform  for open discussion &

answers to many questions that 

reside in sub-consconscious

minds of the exponentially

& rapidly awakening public.

    Aimed at disintegrating

Fear and arming Humanity

with knowledge and em-

powerment, this program

will provide you with a

comprehensive overview

of many of our Planetary

and Galactic neighbors 

throughout the vastness of

space and time, imploding

many previous notions about

'aliens' and 'ufo's', to help

prepare Humanity to make the

jump from citizens of countries, to

citizens of planet Earth and our

our Galaxy.


   As an intuitive and sensitive empath, Heather DeRigo has been steeped in the realms of 'extraterrestrials', 'ufo's' & other dimensions since childhood.

  Having early experiences related with          such esoteric subjects like the                          supernatural, psychic phenomena &               miraculous healing, Heather soon                   began having frequent                                   'contact' experiences through

                      the dream state with other worldly             worldly beings. This                                       continued throughout her                       her childhood into a

                              adulthood as she                                           dedicated herself to                                      studying & learning                                    about the extra                                             terrestrial phenomena

                               that she was                                                experiencing & that was

                             happening in the world.                                   She witnessed                                        several live sightings of

'                       ufo's' as well as learning                            & practicing the art of                               'channelling' for over 10 years, years-       which led to the regular                           receiving of messages from                   compassionate and highly sentient           Star Beings. 

      As a 'Star Seed' and an Ambassador of Extra Terrestrial Contact and 'Disclosure',

Heather shares her knowledge and experiences in this paradigm-shifting presentation, to help eradicate fear of extraterrestrial and intra-terrestrial beings, empower Humanity through more knowledge and awareness & assist in bridging the gap between a Humanity steeped in separation & division to a Humanity as an aware and active member of Galactic Society.               






For More about the Presenter

*DISCLAIMERThe information contained in these PRESENTations can be startling and shocking to many. The information shared is from individual perspective and distilled from years of personal study, research, and spiritual revelation as well as the culmination of Channelled messages from an array of widely respected Messengers with Spiritual Integrity. Although some of the information contained in these PRESENTations are based on 'hard, proven evidence', much of the esoteric information provided in these PRESENTations can not be found in documented public record or proven in the scientific community. 

As sovereign BEings, it is up to each and every person, to distill their own Truth from assimilated information.