"My Journey is a Grand Adventure on this never-ending path. Traversing a full spectrum of colors & flavors, I have great Love and passion to assist those that are reaching for Expansion and wanting to tap into and embody more of their Infinite potential. 

   I AM here to serve. It is my greatest INtention - my Life's 'Great Work'.

   I am dedicated to living my highest potential and living boldly in greater & greater capacities to be a living example of what is possible. I am committed to lifting the veils of illusion & confusion to help you reveal the magnificent Truth of who you really are. "

                                                                                                                                -Heather DeRigo

the you-niverse is all within you.



YOUniversal Rhythms Drum Circles & Rhythm Events

Drumming Up Fun & Positive Transformation

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'Unlock your Creativity' Playshops

Ignite & Uplevel Creativity in your Life

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Lemuria & Atlantis 101

A detailed and comprehensive PRESENTation revealing long held,

hidden information, the importance of awakening to these Truths

now & activations to cultivate accelerated healing and higher

vibrational upgrades.

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Channelling 101

Demystifying the term and understanding how to utilize this natural

ability in practical ways to significantly transform our Lives

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Preparing for Disclosure

It is time to begin the conversation of the Truth about our Human

History & our Cosmic Connection to Extra Terrestrials. Learn a new narrative of human history, one that includes races of highly advanced beings that we share earth and space with & how to get ahead of the coming Disclosures from our Governments to more easily navigate through the

steep and life-changing information that is Cosmic Disclosure.

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*DISCLAIMERThe information contained in these PRESENTations can

be startling and shocking to many. The information shared is from individual perspective and distilled from years of personal study, research, and spiritual revelation as well as the culmination of Channelled messages from an array of widely respected Messengers with Spiritual Integrity. Although some of the information contained in these PRESENTations are based on 'hard, proven evidence', much of the esoteric information provided in these PRESENTations can not be found in documented public record or proven in the scientific community. As sovereign BEings, it is up to each and every person, to distill their own Truth.


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or to schedule an event:

Email:  sendheather@gmail.com

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